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The future of cleaning

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Robotic vacuum cleaners, self-cleaning windows, wardrobes that clean and iron your clothes for you. What does the future of cleaning hold for us all?

How to clean your house fast!

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Follow our simple guide to cleaning your home fast, so you can spend your free-time doing the things that you enjoy!

Plastic, not so fantastic!

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How is plastic affecting our oceans and the marine life and birds that live in them? How long can a plastic bag take to degrade? And, what can you do to help reduce our plastic waste?

Valuable Cleaning Tips to Save you Time and Money!

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We’ve been cleaning houses in South East England for more than 12 years and complete more than 1,000 cleans per month, so read on for our top tips on how to cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning, leaving you free to do the things that you enjoy!

Brexit: How will it affect the cleaning industry?

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Leaving the UK will have its advantages and disadvantages, and the future remains uncertain, so you might be left wondering what effect Brexit will have on the cleaning industry, especially if you own a cleaning business that employs workers from overseas.

Our guide to easy kitchen cleaning

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If you feel like you are constantly battling to keep on top of your kitchen chores, then read on for our easy guide to keeping your kitchen clean and tidy -with minimum effort.