iFresh Carpet Cleaning Process

Home is has perfected a multi-step process to give your carpets the most thorough and long-lasting clean possible...

Step 1: Dry vacuuming

The carpets are fully vacuum-cleaned to remove any dry particles and loose deposits. Any stains are inspected and, if necessary, worked upon prior to deep cleaning.

Step 2: Pre-spray

Having removed most of the dry soil and stains, the cleaning of the sticky soils and pollutants begin with the application of a special pre-spray, which is applied and massaged into the carpet.

Step 3: Deep extraction cleaning

The pre-spray is rinsed off using a floor wand, which removes all the cleaning products to leave your carpet clean and fresh.

Step 4: Rapid-drying

A turbo-dryer blows air across the carpet, eliminating the risk of shrinkage and delivering fast results.

Step 5: Client inspection

Prior to any application of Scotchguard or PROmite protector, you are invited to inspect our work to ensure that you are satisfied.

Step 6: Apply protector

The protector is applied using a sprayer. The protector is like a varnish, coating the fibres to give them an invisible shield.

Step 7: Carpet grooming

The protector is massaged in to ensure it is evenly spread across all fibres; this also helps to realign the pile, allowing the carpet to dry quickly

Step 8: Finishing touches

Any ‘over spray’ is wiped from skirting boards, and furniture is repositioned with waterproof coasters to prevent damage from any dampness in the carpet.