In partnership with a highly accomplished chef and restaurateur, Home is are pleased to be sharing a selection of unique and delicious recipes with our customers.  Visit this page regularly for new postings from our resident baking expert to include techniques and tips.  

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  • Quark American Pancake Bake with Turkey and Spinach

    This dish can be made ahead and kept in the fridge for 24 hours, ready to bake. You can vary the filling - prawn and mushroom in a creamy sauce or for a vegetarian option try broccoli, pine nut and     Stilton. Quark is a fantastic baking ingredient and is low in both calories and fat and high in protein. 

  • Quark Scones

    There is nothing better than a warm scone with homemade strawberry jam topped with a big blob of clotted cream.
    These scones are made with quark which is available in most supermarkets, and which gives the scone a lovely light texture and a rich flavour.

  • Brioche and Blueberry Cake

    Summer has definitely arrived and with it comes beautiful ripe soft fruits. With so many pick-your-own and local farm shops around you are able to indulge in a bowl of berries.
    As lovely as they are on their own, with a lovely coating of thick double cream or they are versatile to bake up into a lovely dessert or cake. This recipe for Brioche and Blueberry cake is quick and easy to make.
    Blueberries are a super-food, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, so you are being healthy at the same time!
    If you cannot get orange flower water you can use some orange rind and a little squeezed orange juice to give it a slight citrus flavour.

  • Slow Roasted Tomatoes

    Great to do when there is a glut of our beautiful plump crimson-tomatoes.
    The tomatoes can be stored in a fridge for up to a week or covered in olive oil with some extra herbs and used when drained sliced in pasta or salads.
    The flavoured oil can be used in cooking or as a base for salad dressing.

  • Cheese and Bacon Muffins

    There is nothing as good as a family brunch around the table on Sunday morning.
    These muffins make a perfect choice and can be served with poached eggs and grilled or slow-roasted tomatoes (see recipe below). Makes 6 large or 12 small muffins.

  • Gluten-Free Apple Cake

    With more people now becoming gluten intolerant there is a big demand for gluten-free recipes.
    This apple cake is quick and easy to bake for any surprise guests and can also be made with gluten-free self-raising flour for a healthier version.

  • Walnut, Apricot And Pumpkin Seed Flapjacks

    These quick flapjacks are very moreish.  They are perfect for lunch boxes or to take on a picnic. You can use pecan nuts or dried cranberries for a change.  Makes 24.

  • Chocolate Cornflake Crunchies

    Many years ago, I created this recipe to go with a children’s yoghurt pudding. It is a slight variation to a flapjack. 

  • Fruity and Nutty Granola

    Having run a successful hotel for several years, I have found that our guests really appreciate a breakfast full of homemade 'goodies'. Alongside homemade breads, compotes and preserves, I also offer guests my own Granola. It is quick and easy to make and far more satisfying than shop-bought Granola. Soya margarine can be substituted for the butter for a dairy- free version and Agave syrup can be used to replace the syrups.

  • Moroccan Pork Tagine with Vegetable Quinoa

    The sauce for this tagine can be used to make a lovely healthy vegetarian dish by using diced Quorn. To save time I make a batch of the spice mix and keep it in a screw top jar.
    It can be used to make a delicious soup with any leftover vegetables and a tin of tomatoes.

  • Savoury Cheese Crisps

    A quick and easy tasty canapé which can be kept in a tin for up to a week. These will remind you of those lovely crispy bits that ooze out of a cheese toastie!

  • Bucks Fizz jelly with red fruits

    This makes a lovely celebratory start to your Christmas morning.
    These jellies will keep for up to 3 days in the fridge.
    Before making the jelly, the fruit, the serving glasses and the champagne must all be kept as cool as possible to aid keeping all those lovely bubbles, so you get that fizz in your mouth when you eat it.

  • Cheese and Onion Whirls

    Delicious cheese and onion whirls great for a party treat or serve with soup.You can make a variety of whirls by adding your own variations to the cheese and onion, like fresh or dried herbs, finely chopped red chilli or cooked chopped bacon. For a stronger flavour replace the cheddar with crumbled Stilton. The recipe makes 60 whirls. They can be frozen uncooked ready to slice and bake.

  • Festive Chocolate Tiffin

    Ideal for those who don't like mince pies or Christmas cake, this cake is quick and easy to make. It stores well and can be frozen.

  • Smoked haddock rarebit

    As a breakfast option, this makes a change from usual starts to Christmas Day, and although quite filling, is ideal if you are planning a late Christmas dinner. It also serves as a good evening snack when you have people staying for a few days over the festive season. The rarebit mixture can be prepared ahead and frozen, ready to defrost and finish off.

  • Tia Maria truffles

    This recipe makes 35 balls approx

  • Vegetable and chestnut soup

    A rich and warming soup full of vegetable goodness, perfect for an evening snack, and can be stored in the freezer. I love a hearty thick soup, but this can be thinned to your liking. If you have any lovely Turkey juices or stock, this can be added to give a really rich flavour.